Lisa D. Chavéz has published two books of poetry, Destruction Bay and In An Angry Season, and had poems anthologized in Floricanto Si!: U.S. Latina Poets, Camino del Sol: Fifteen Years of Latina and Latino Writing, and elsewhere. Her essays have appeared in Arts and Letters, The Fourth Genre and other magazines, and in anthologies including The Other Latin@: Writing Against a Singular Identity, and An Angle of Vision: Women Writers on their Poor and Working Class Roots.

She grew up in Alaska, and has traveled widely, including time teaching English in Japan and in Poland while in the Peace Corps.  She has a keen interest in books, mysticism, perfume, and dogs, and you can read her canine related musings at her other blog, From the House of the Fox Dogs.  While she reads widely in a myriad of genres, she is currently particularly interested in fantasy and science fiction, and police procedural mysteries.

She now lives in the mountains of New Mexico with her husband and a pack of Japanese dogs.


If you are interested in readings or workshops, see the “appearances” page.  Contact me at lisadchavez@yahoo.com